About Us


 About Us 

IPCI began its activities in 1984 when Shaikh Ahmed Deedat was invited and introduced to the world.

The First symposium was arranged at the Royal Albert Hall in London and then lectures were organised in almost all major cities of the U.K.

Many Prominent Speakers were invited to give talks including: Shaikh Ahmed Deedat,       Dr Jamal Badawi, Dr Zakir Naik, Maulana Waheed Uddin Khan, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Ustaz Ghamidi, Br Yusuf Estes….

The First and foremost duty of every Muslims is to pass on the message of truth, Islam to one and all. In pursuit of this objective other activities listed below soon followed.

  • The Holy Quran printing & Distribution
  •  Informative Material: Booklets, Brochures & DVDs on Islam
  •  National Dawah Programme
  •  Advertising to Combat false Propaganda Against Islam
  •  Dawah Training Courses
  •  Dawah Activities
  •  Helping to Prevent Extremism

ISLAMIC VISION:  Serves the spiritual and religious needs of the community by distributing books and Islamic informative material.

The UK’s FIRST PERMANENT ISLAMIC EXHIBITION: provides a venue for interaction with Muslims and non-Muslims.

There are many sections in the Islamic Exhibition: Faith and History, The Five Pillars,         The Family Life, Islam and Science, Islamic Arts and Calligraphy Islamic Architecture,    The Quran and Universe.

First Four sections are explained by trained presenters and at the end all questions are answered to eradicate misunderstanding and confusions about Islam and the Muslims.  Islamic Exhibition receives excellent feedback from visitors.

ISLAMIC MOBILE EXHIBITION consists of four sections:

  • Faith and History
  • The Five Pillars
  • The Family Life
  • Islam and Science

It furnishing the needs of those who cannot travel to the Permanent Exhibition.

CHARITY:  IPCI endeavors in the cause of Allah (SWT) to extend charity to:

  • Orphans and Widows
  • Education for the Deprived
  •  Help for New Muslims
  •  Help poor girls with Marriage
  • Innocent War Victims
  • Help for the Displaced
  • Medication
  • Welfare

IPCI needs your support to purse and advance its activities, insha-Allah