IPCI activities began in 1984.  It was incorporatedin 1997 as Islamic Presentation Centre International Ltd. with company Registration number 2504990 and charity Registration number 1042537. The IPCI objective is to promote knowledge and understanding of Islam to all who are interested. This is primarily achieved through the distribution and production of high quality educational and scholarly publications on Islam. IPCI also runs the UKs First Permanent Islamic Exhibition as well as Mobile Exhibitions. This provides an exciting new dimension to IPCI’s continuing efforts to engage with new media. In the Exhibition four segments are explained and in the end all questions are answered. This helps to eradicate any confusions / misunderstandings. IPCI’s products and services are valued by both Muslim and non-Muslim. Muslims value the breadth, quality and non sectarian approach that characterises IPCI publications, projects and events. Non Muslims, which include groups from schools, colleges, universities as well as many professionals working in educational institutions, visit the Exhibition and appreciate IPCI’s clear, balanced, well presented and easily assumable multi-media publications that have both traditional authenticity and contemporary relevance. IPCI’s work is intended to promote a more inclusive and cohesive society where ignorance and prejudice is replaced by understanding and mutual acceptance.

IPCI is neither affiliated to nor allied with any establishment, sect or school of thought. IPCI is impartial, and remains that way for the good of the community.